Avoid Dickey’s Barbecue in Delaware Ohio

Today was I think the 5th time I have been here since this re-opened under new management. I have tried to give it a try since the food is pretty good but after my experience today I will not be returning.

After placing our order we were informed that it would be 15-20 minutes for our fried items because they “forgot to turn on the deep fryers.” We said alright and went to sit down. The two of us were offered a drink if we would like and we both accepted to sip on while we waited.

After the 20 minutes was up we approached the register to pay and the total came to $10.50 for each of us. I looked and said well I thought you had given us the drinks. The MANAGER said that the drinks weren’t included in the meal and we would have to pay for them. I then informed him that one of the employees said we could have them while we waited.

He then went on a “rant” about how he was the only one that could make that call and that the other employee didn’t have the authorization to do that. He then, extremely grudgingly, gave us the drinks for free. This is the final event in a series of long waits and meats not being ready for lunch that pushed me not to return.

One comment on “Avoid Dickey’s Barbecue in Delaware Ohio

  1. I love how they make no attempt to make this right. I especially love the email from the manager of the store I wrote about, here is a small clip of said email:

    If I could ask though, could you possibly take down the post on your blog. Dickey’s Corporate “web guru” found it and they are not very happy about it.


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