Untappd – A Rant

I’ve held off on this, thinking maybe they would fix the issues.  However, the app has gone to shit.  It’s SOOOOO fucking slow to lookup, checkin, comment, etc it’s insane.  I was trying to checkin beers tonight and finally gave up.  Waiting MINUTES yielded nothing.  The app took 60 seconds plus to load.  This has gotten insane.  It’s down all the time, hardly works when it’s up, and is SOOO fucking laggy it’s hard to use even when it does work.  This needs fixed guys, like now.  I know you want to add sponsors and get money, I get that, but when the app doesn’t work for shit I can’t even use it!  So, fuck this app, and fuck you all.  Fix this shit!!!!

Raspberry Pints install on other operating systems

There was some interest in a guide to install Raspberry Pints on various other operating systems to I will attempt to provide some guidance here.  If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Standard disclaimer here.  I’m not liable if your machine bursts  into flames, your girlfriend leaves you, etc.  Everything here is provided AS IS without any warranty expressed or implied.  Use these instructions at your own risk!

Now that we have that out-of-the-way, let’s begin!  Your first step is to install XAMPP.   I won’t provide instructions here as there is plenty of information on their website.  However if you run into trouble please let me know.

After install you should have a working webserver and MySQL server on your machine.  You can try to access localhost in your web browser to confirm.  If everything is working correctly you need to set a MySQL root password.  You can set a password at this address http://localhost/security/

Next step is to obtain a copy of Raspberry Pints here.   Unzip this and move it to your XAMPP www root.  I opted for a subdirectory of “rp” just because I have multiple websites on my machine.  Make sure that whatever you choose the index.php file is in the root of this subdirectory.

Now you need to run the installer.  Assuming you choose the “rp” directory as above the installer will be accessible here: http://localhost/rp/install but you can adjust as needed.  Follow through the steps using the official instructions for reference.  The password will be the one you set above on the security page.

All done!  To full-screen the display hit F11.  You will have to use the arrow keys to navigate as it appears this isn’t setup for a mouse.  Hopefully this is helpful to someone.  If you encounter any issues please don’t hesitate to let me know so I can assist and adjust this guide as needed.