Awesome Geocache Container!

So I came across this web site today while looking for a new nano cache for one of my cache sites that has recently had the container come up missing and found some really awesome containers.  Along with the “typical” rusty bolt and fake rock they have some other really sweet containers that I think would fool even the best geocachers!  My very favorite one (I may have to order one of them) is this one (click the picture to go to the product page):

They also have so other pretty awesome containers like a fake birds nest, a pine-cone, and a thermometer.

My devious side is really kicking in and has the wheels turning in my brain for even more awesomeness of my own creation.  I’m going to have to place an order here soon for some of this stuff but even beyond that I want to come up with something even more devious than these….if that’s possible I suppose.  There are a few cachers around the Columbus area that I would love to fool!  I’m looking at you LttlDude and Kelinore!  🙂