Fuck you Blendon Square – Westerville Ohio – Don’t Bother!!!

So just saying…this is probably the worst complex I have lived in.  We have been here ~2.5 years; it started off quite nice but it had rapidly deteriorated during that time.  When we moved it in it was pretty laid back.  Kids playing in the “courts”, friendly neighbors, sane rules, etc.

Now it’s “nobody under 14 years old allowed outside without a parent” and all sorts of other bullshit.  I love that they preach the whole “people who leave trash lying around will be fined” but never actually do anything about it.  Same with the vehicles without a parking tag will be towed; in the 2.5 years I have lived here I have seen ONE vehicle towed and I don’t believe it had anything to do with parking in the wrong spot, I think they just needed work on their car.

It’s also awesome that the people who work in the office can’t even get the address straight.  We live at 5477 Woodvale Court West, there is also a 5477 Woodvale Court.  We get mail for them, they get mail for us, etc.  However the PEOPLE THAT WORK IN THE OFFICE delivered a “late notice” to us at “west” that was meant for the “non west” address.  Nice that they can’t even figure that out and we are supposed to?!?!

We are at the point of the neighbors being assholes also.  One blasts this super obnoxious music at all hours and the other seems to be banging hammers against the walls randomly.  I had bricks thrown at, and damage, our front door by a kid who’s mom leaves him in the “care” of his 14-year-old sister who doesn’t give a damn what he does.  This is, best I can tell, common for him but does anyone care?  Nope, not even the complex.

The air-conditioning doesn’t work worth a damn.  Running it full blast all summer just results in a $300+ monthly electric bill and an apartment that is “cool” if it’s under 80 degrees F.  Pretty sure that’s not “normal” as they claim.

Oh and the amount of dust is incredible, if you dust one day there is a good layer of dust on stuff the next day.  I have 2 air purifiers running 24/7 and even at that the pre-filters look like a dryer filter after a few weeks.  It’s insane how much crap is floating around here.

There is also a lot of mold in the basement and even in the kids room from leaking water that seems to be of little concern to them…cause you know…money first people second right?

 Also lovely that we submitted our “Notice to vacate” or whatever the fuck they call it some 2 weeks ago and were supposed to receive a set of forms to fill out but haven’t seen a damn thing.  I’m super tempted to not even give our new address (assuming we actually get something) and let them sort it out.  After the shit we have been though and the small deposit it seems worth it to never hear from them again.

Final note, this will not be published until after we leave.  That means that I’m writing it on 6/11 but it will be a few weeks until you see it.  This is by design.  Hopefully this will steer someone away from this worthless complex and save at least one person the headaches we have faced.  So basically…FUCK YOU BLENDON SQUARE!!!


Otter 1991 – 2009

The day I thought would never come….has. My cat that I’ve known nearly all my life is now gone.  I thought I would be alright….I was wrong.  I feel like a part of me is gone and never coming back.  He’s had a good life though, some 18 years which is extraordinary for a cat, that doesn’t make it any easier though.  If anything, it makes it ever harder.  Words cannot, and will not ever be able to express the grief that I feel.  He was one of….probably my very best friend.  I think back to all the fun we used to have.  All the crazy things he used to do.  I think about his crazy moods and hiding under the rug.  About his love of climbing into things, boxes, bags, our giant glass jar.  I think about the time he set at the table and looked like he was ready for dinner.  I think about him curling up in my lap for a long nap.  I think about the abuse he took from me….the time I dropped him down the stairs, the time I put a clothespin on his tail.  I suppose I wanted him to live forever….and thought that he would.  I thought that he would always be around.  What small comfort is in the fact that I got to say goodbye….and that he didn’t suffer.  Though really, those seem like very small comforts.  I just hope he know how much I loved him.  Rest in peace my dear friend.  I will never forget about you.  You will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Otter Bunyard 1991 to 2009:






My Daughter…My Children

Whether or not I am ready for it, it won’t be long at all before I become a “family man” so to speak. I am marrying the most wonderful woman in the world who also has two children…a son who is 3 and daughter who is 6. While the debate still seems to go on about my fitness to be a parent, there is something that really made me smile this morning.

Shannon, 6, was staying with her grandmother overnight as Shelley had to work. Since her bio father doesn’t have a place of his own, he stays here as well. This can, as one would imagine, cause some tension.

While I don’t know the whole story, this I know. Shannon and her bio father had a bit of a….well….”falling out” this morning….more than what is usual. As I understand it, she stated that “he was mean but I wasn’t and she wished she was with me this morning”  That of course has been tweaked to reflective the fact that it’s coming from me and not from her.  Not being a grammar major, nor really being all that great at grammar, I don’t really know the proper term here.

What makes this better still, is that he was more that a little upset with this.  He promptly left, didn’t say goodbye, didn’t stop at the stop signs, and just took off.  I know I shouldn’t find this nearly as amusing as I do, but I cannot help it.  I really don’t know how to describe it.  I’m overcome with a strange sense of proudness (shut-up, I know it’s not a word!)….for her standing up to him.  The voice in the back of my head telling me that I will be just fine as a parent also seems to be getting stronger.

I don’t know….I don’t really know how to define this.  While they are not my bio children, I have this connection that seems to be stronger than any physical connection could ever be.  I really don’t know how to describe it….I may never be able to honestly.  I feel like….I know that I love them, that I am proud of them, that I truly value our time together.  I….I really cannot explain it.

I know it’s not what would be expected…bit sometimes it really takes a rather odd event to really shed light on the situation.  Meaning, I have always been proud of the….my children that is….but I don’t know that I really realized how much until today….