Fuck you Groupon

So, in case you didn’t know this, Groupon CANNOT replace a product even if it was the wrong one shipped to you. Sound insane? You aren’t alone. Should you be shipped, say, a refurbished product rather than a new one you have exactly 2 choices:

  1. Get a refund and re-purchase likely at a higher price and HOPE you get what you were supposed to.
  2. Deal with it.

Seem shitty?  Yeah me too.  Let me lay the groundwork here:

On November 28th 2016 I purchased an (advertised as new) Philips Hue starter kit.  The package shipped the next day and arrived on December 3rd 2016.  Opening the package it was immediately clear it was a refurbished set:


Alright, I’m sure customer support can help.  I emailed asking for either a replacement with a new product, or a partial refund.  Instead I’m offered a refund to “purchase a new one” at a most likely higher price:


I was, probably more than I should have been, rather grumpy and responded with this:


So I get this encouraging reply, maybe I’m finally getting somewhere!


Great, so I was very let down and still don’t have a satisfactory resolution to this issue.  So I replied with a rather succinct resolution request (again probably a little grumpy):


To which we come back to square one:


As posted above this has nothing to do which what I believe.  The boxes are CLEARLY labeled a refurbished and the hub came in a generic ziploc bag.  So here we are.  Nearly 2 weeks later and I still have no resolution other than refund and buy again, at a higher price and with the hope that I am shipped a new set this time.  How crappy of a resolution is that?  And should it really take 2 weeks?  If Groupon wants to actually wanted to keep customers this is not the way to do it.  I understand they operate on a tight margin but this is NOT the way to handle a problem that THEY CAUSED.

So, if some Groupon person actually reads this, I would really like a satisfactory resolution to this problem.

EDIT 20161215: Initiated a chargeback last night with CapitalOne.  They were super easy to work with and had the dispute filed within a few minutes.  All I want is the damn thing replaced with a new product.  Groupon has left me no other choice, so I’ll let them sort it out with the credit card company.  Enjoy assholes.

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