I Fought the Ceiling Fan (And The Ceiling Fan Won)

So I learned a valuable lesson the other day.  What you are in a room with low ceilings, and a running ceiling fan, don’t reach up.  Yes, I know that should have been a given, but when you wake up all groggy, and in the dark, it’s not the first thing on your mind.  At this point though, it’s most certainly something I will think about.

It happened late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.  I’m not really sure which since my clock’s wrong.  I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.  On my way there, I was walking through my dark room and stretched my arms up in the air to stretch.  Instead of cracking a few joints and stretching out my arms though, my left-hand pinky was hit with the blade of a ceiling fan.  At first it wasn’t really all that bad.  It was dark and I was tired so I didn’t really think much of it.  After I got to the bathroom though and turned on the light, it was a bit worse.  I got cut in three places.

So that’s my story.  Don’t fight the ceiling fan, you won’t win, especially when it’s on high speed.

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