Nationwide Property and Appraisal – Customer Oriented?

To avoid any slander accusations I’m going to keep this strictly factual and hopefully steer customers away from this organization.  I’m simply here to outline the facts and show that in fact no, this company doesn’t care in the slightest about the customer.  I would also like to note that they had no concern over the timely delivery of my appraisal until I contacted them some 3 weeks after it was submitted.

This started on 11/12/2015 when my loan broker submitted for an appraisal.  The loan was an FHA and had to have a third-party appraisal to complete the process.  I was told this normally takes 7-10 days, 2 weeks at most.  This appraisal was sent to Nationwide for completion.  However they failed to give a timely appraisal and even admitted that the time-frame was unacceptable.

So after submission on 11/12 I was in contact with my lender for updates.  He had little to go on and simply told me that they were still waiting.  On 12/1/2015 I took matters into my own hands and contacted the company directly.  Initial responses were positive, and it was admitted that the timeframe given by the appraiser was unacceptable:


Things appeared to be progressing, and the did managed to refund ~half of my money.  I was content and expected that the issue was addressed and would actually get my appraisal in the next few days.  And I did…sort of….

I got my initial appraisal on 12/3/2015 however there were two issues found.  A missing handrail on the basement stairs and a leaky kitchen faucet.  Both were promptly resolved and re-inspected within days however it took an ENTIRE WEEK to get an updated report.  I did not receive my final appraisal until 12/10/2015.  On 12/9/2015 I emailed requesting a full refund and for the final report the next day (which they did deliver).  This email went unanswered:


I was met with radio silence, not a peep.  As mentioned above I did get the final report the next day however I never heard from Nationwide at all.  Over the past weeks/months I have attempted to reach them via email and phone demanding a full refund.  In every single instance I was ignored.  Not even a response saying no.  So here we are….still no resolution.  It was even claimed that somehow they applied the golden rule:


They have straight out ignored that statement.

So I leave it to you, the reader, to assess this post and come to your own conclusions.

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