Open letter to Comcast and the FCC


With the recent Comcast rollout of nationwide 1TB data caps I feel it is crucial that I submit my complaint. Data caps are a problem and without swift action will be a much larger issue in the near future limiting not only innovative uses of the Internet but the entire global flow of information.

Data caps are not only an inconvenience to those customers but are simply against net-neutrality at its core. This is nothing more than a money grab and attempt to get people to stick with the dying cable TV model. It even excludes Comcast related data from that cap!!

It unnecessarily impedes emerging video technologies such as 4k streaming while simultaneously punishing those that dare to download large games or files. It’s not even rooted in network congestion:

For example: streaming 4k content according to Netflix uses roughly 4.7GB per hour. Doing that math that’s ~7 hours PER DAY before hitting said 1TB cap. Multiply that by 2 or 3 other members of a household and you can watch at most a few hours per day. This is assuming you do absolutely NOTHING else with that Internet connection.

The further encroachment of data caps sets a dangerous precedent that unchecked will stifle innovation and let ISPs control the flow of information into households. This is something that needs to be curbed quickly to prevent ISPs restricting the flow of information simply to benefit themselves.

I urge you to please consider restrictions or outright banning of data caps on hardline Internet connections such as cable and DSL. I further ask that you investigate data caps on cell data to determine if there is actually any legit reason they exist. T-Mobile is a great example. They allow very specific traffic to NOT count towards a data cap. This is also against net-neutrality.

Full disclosure: I’m not a Comcast customer, I am with Time Warner (now Spectrum). I do not have a data cap but average right around 2TB per month with what I consider normal usage, at least for the next generation. Data usage is only going to increase and at a rapid pace as new technologies emerge.

I’ll say it a second time, please consider a ban on data caps. This is nothing but the stifling of innovation, holding onto an archaic business model, and lining of pockets of ISP executives. What we ACTUALLY need is more innovation, more competition, and a stronger Internet presence as a country.

Dan Bunyard

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