Otter 1991 – 2009

The day I thought would never come….has. My cat that I’ve known nearly all my life is now gone.  I thought I would be alright….I was wrong.  I feel like a part of me is gone and never coming back.  He’s had a good life though, some 18 years which is extraordinary for a cat, that doesn’t make it any easier though.  If anything, it makes it ever harder.  Words cannot, and will not ever be able to express the grief that I feel.  He was one of….probably my very best friend.  I think back to all the fun we used to have.  All the crazy things he used to do.  I think about his crazy moods and hiding under the rug.  About his love of climbing into things, boxes, bags, our giant glass jar.  I think about the time he set at the table and looked like he was ready for dinner.  I think about him curling up in my lap for a long nap.  I think about the abuse he took from me….the time I dropped him down the stairs, the time I put a clothespin on his tail.  I suppose I wanted him to live forever….and thought that he would.  I thought that he would always be around.  What small comfort is in the fact that I got to say goodbye….and that he didn’t suffer.  Though really, those seem like very small comforts.  I just hope he know how much I loved him.  Rest in peace my dear friend.  I will never forget about you.  You will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Otter Bunyard 1991 to 2009:






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