Thanks callmeyng! (and sorry for the trouble)

There is always a lot of hate flying around the Internet and I’m sure that I’m responsible for a bit of it.  However it seems many times people don’t take the time to thank/praise a person or company for a job well done.  Well today I would like to do just that.  As my order was cancelled and a refund given this was the best way I can think to do so.  A few weeks ago I ordered one of these from Amazon fulfilled through callmeyng.  I was very excited to receive it as a replacement tank for one of my tarantula’s, Fluffy.  I had been “turking” to save up the money to get it and placed the order as soon as I had enough.  A few days later it arrived at my office (I don’t ship anything to my house, long story) but as the person that received it set it down I knew something was wrong.  After opening the packaging and pulling it out this is what greeted me:

I snapped that pic and sent it to the seller with a brief description of what I had found.  They responded at once with an apology and a statement that they would be shipping another tank and that FedEx would pick that one up the next day.  FedEx did pick up the tank and a new one arrived a few days later.  It was better packaged with more fragile stickers and wasn’t rattling so I figured I was good to go.  Opened the first box, pulled out the second box, opened it up then pulled out the tank.  I did a quick once-over and found this:

Not nearly as bad but unfortunately still not usable to me.  Sent that picture to the seller and once again they responded at once apologizing saying FedEx would pickup Friday (it was late Wednesday) but that they couldn’t afford to ship a third tank and would simply be refunding the order.  I was rather bummed since I really wanted the tank but understood their position in the matter.  However Friday came and went with no sign of FedEx so I contact again on Monday.  They said that there wasn’t a point shipping it back and that my credit would issue the following day.  Sure enough, around lunch time I got the email from Amazon that a credit had been issued in full including the shipping cost.  So basically, thanks callmeyng and sorry for causing so much trouble.  I hope that this meager post will send a least a little traffic your way to attempt to compensate for the money you no-doubt lost having me as a “customer.”  And in the end, as a seller, you are highly recommend by me and I hope that I can one day purchase something (non-breakable ;-)) from you.  Thanks again.


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